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Maggie Wave

Alumni Spotlight: Maggie Wave (University Administration)

Maggie Wave is the Senior Regional Director at Washington University in St. Louis. She graduated from the University of Illinois in 2012 with degrees in Philosophy and Political Science.

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Noël Saenz

Faculty Spotlight: Noël Saenz

Noël Saenz is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy, who specializes in metaphysics and the philosophy of religion. He is interested in a range of issues that have to do with layered view of reality (e.g., grounding, fundamentality, parts and whole, and the nature and existence of facts) and also places where metaphysics and philosophy of religion overlap (e.g., questions of divine simplicity and necessity). Saenz’s current research in metaphysics focuses on issues having to do with a layered view of reality. Front and center, here, are topics having to do with grounding, fundamentality,...