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Business School

It is a little known fact that philosophy majors who decide to go to business school tend to outperform most other majors - including economics, stats, finance, and accounting - on the GMAT.

According to a New York Times article, To Beat the Market, Hire a Philosopher, there is a reason why a philosophical training can be excellent for business careers: "'Most people don't want to figure out what a company is worth,' Miller said. 'They want to know where the stock is going. We're always trying a Rubik's Cube approach, looking at something from all different directions. We want to know, 'What's the best description of what's going on?'." These are all skills that philosophy is famous for developing.

Are you considering a career in business? Did you know that Philosophy Majors outperform majors in economics, stats, finance, and accounting on the GMAT?