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Philosophy Graduate Student Handbook

Graduate College Handbook 

Philosophy Graduate Mentoring Guidelines

Philosophy Guiding Principles (see Graduate Student Experience)

Many other useful resources can be found at the Graduate College Website.


Publishing Advice

Philosophy Publishing Advice

Publishing Advice for Graduate Students

On Publishing While in Grad School

Publishing in “Graduate” Journals?

Advice about Submitting Manuscripts to Publishers


Job Market Advice

General Philosophy Job Market Advice

How to Write a Cover Letter for the US Job Market

How Important is a “Continuous” CV

Writing Samples in Job Applications: How Long?

What Is an “Area of Competence” (AOC)?

How Do Departments Decide Whom to Interview at the APA?

How Do Departments Evaluate Teaching Credentials?

What Do Search Committees Think of Interfolio?

Including Letters of Recommendation from Students in a Dossier?

Preparing for Interviews

       APA Interview Tips

       How to Best Prepare for Job Interviews with a Primary Emphasis on Teaching

       Preparing for Teaching Interviews

Note: Job seekers can find listings for jobs and fellowships in philosophy online at (PhilJobs) and (Phylo). 

Exploring Careers


Additional Advice

Choosing a Dissertation Supervisor

Acquiring Substantial Debt While in Grad School: How Much? How Common?


Additional Resources

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


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