Awards and Scholarships

The Distinguished Graduate Student Teaching Award: bestowed on the department’s best graduate student instructor.

The recipient is determined based upon standard student evaluations, faculty observations, and any other evidence that a graduate student has exceeded normal expectations in terms of the effort and innovation. The Prizes and Scholarships committee announces the award to the department in an open letter which describes some of what makes the graduate student exceptional.

The C. E. Caton Award: is a writing competition;  All graduate students in the department are welcome to submit entries. The Prizes and Scholarship committee reads each entry and ranks them in terms of such features as writing style, clarity, ambition, and the extent to which the author is able to defend the paper’s main thesis.

The Donald W. Doerscher Award: goes to one (or possibly more) graduating seniors; The Prizes and Scholarship committee selects an eligible student who has shown, over many courses in philosophy, the highest consistent level of performance throughout their career in the major.

The Howard F. Crombie Scholarship: goes to a non-senior undergraduate, and the winner must be a philosophy major. It is typically awarded on an annual basis to one (or possibly more) students of freshman, sophomore, or junior year standing who have demonstrated academic merit and distinction in the study of philosophy.

The Lois S. Green Scholarship: is an undergraduate scholarship that is awarded from time to time, but not necessarily annually, to one or more promising undergraduate students at the university who are studying or intend to study philosophy.

The Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award: awarded to any graduate student or faculty member who showed excellence in teaching an undergraduate course.

The above awards and scholarships typically carry cash gifts (usually on the order of hundreds of dollars) whose specific amounts may vary from year to year.