The Philosophy Department recently extended a Faculty Affiliate Position to Professor Michael Moore, the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. University Chair. Moore is also a faculty member in the Center for Advanced Studies, a faculty member in the College of Law, and Co-Director of the Illinois Program in Law & Philosophy. 

Professor Moore is one of the world's leading, most influential, and most productive legal philosophers alive. Currently stationed at the University of Illinois, Moore has taught at the University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, USC, University of Virginia and Yale Law School, among others. For a description of his work and background, please see here.

Professor Moore joins three other nationally and internationally renowned colleagues from the law school - Professors Heidi Hurd, Rob Kar (new department head of Philosophy) and Colleen Murphy - who work at the intersection of law and philosophy, thus making Illinois one of the premier places to study moral and legal philosophy, from a broad range of perspectives, in the world. 

This "quadri-fecta" adds to the already incredibly strong offerings that Illinois Philosophy has in moral, social, and political philosophy. Faculty members who specialize in these areas include Professors Nir Ben-Moshe, Zachary Biondi, Jochen Bojanowski, Philip HillmerHelga Varden and Sami Savonius-Wroth. Another faculty affiliate from political science, Benjamin Miller, does work in political philosophy. Given the breadth of our bench in these areas, Illinois is currently one of the most attractive departments in the nation to pursue questions in value theory from a wide range of perspectives.  

Other professors engage in work that some will find closely related. For example, Professor Benjamin Levinstein, who works primarily in epistemology, practical reasoning, and the philosophy of science, has begun exploring relations between practical rationality and consequentialist approaches to ethics. Levinstein is beginning a new research area in the ethics of technology and computation. Professors Rob Kar, Bruce Rosenstock, Noël Saenz, and Christopher Weaver have developed interests in the philosophy of religion.

Please join us in welcoming Michael Moore back to the Philosophy Department. This appointment is part of a larger set of plans currently under development to expand connections between the Philosophy Department and the many extraordinary philosophers at the College of Law.

For a bio of Michael Moore, see here. For a recent CV, see here.