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Faculty Spotlights

  • Helga Varden is a Professor of Philosophy, Political Science, and Gender and Women Studies, whose main research interests are in Kant’s practical philosophy, legal-political philosophy, feminist philosophy, and the philosophy of sex and love. She is author of Sex, Love, and Gender: A Kantian Theory (Oxford University Press) and is currently working toward a book entitled Transforming Our Social...
  • Patrick R. Leland is a lecturer in philosophy, who specializes in early and late modern European philosophy, with a particular research focus on Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). Much of his recent work focuses on Kant’s philosophy mind and—more specifically—on his accounts of concepts and mental representations. 
  • Kohei Kishida is a logician and applied category theorist. He identifies and extracts logical structures to help scientists and philosophers tackle foundational and philosophical issues that arise in various sciences, including mathematics, theoretical computer science, quantum computing, and physics.
  • Nir Ben-Moshe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy. His research focuses on the intersection between contemporary and 18th-century moral philosophy as well as on biomedical ethics.
  • Ben Levinstein is an assistant professor at the University of Illinois, who specializes in formal epistemology, decision theory, philosophy of science, and—increasingly—in the ethics and philosophy of artificial intelligence.