Students in the College of LAS who are majoring in other subjects, and who have a serious interest in philosophy but are not able to satisfy the requirements for a second major in it, have the option of electing the minor in philosophy.

The requirements of this formally recognized minor are modest; and their flexibility reflects the diversity of interests that may attract students to the study of philosophy.

The minor in philosophy may be earned by taking 20 hours of coursework in philosophy:

  1. Philosophy 203 and 206 (8 hours)
  2. at least two advanced level courses in philosophy at the 300- or 400-level (6 hours)
  3. Phil 103 (Logic and Reasoning QRII) or Phil 202 (symbolic Logic) (3 hours)
  4. One additional courses in philosophy at any level (3 hours)

Students interested in this minor should consult "How to 'Declare' a Minor" from the Provost's office.

Students wishing to elect this minor should complete the linked form "Statement of Intent to Pursue a Campus-Approved Minor" and file it with their college office.