Make sure you have downloaded and installed a recent version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

These are the relevant resources for the process:

  • the form that you will need to fill out and submit online
  • the requirements for the Major in Philosophy

Download the form. File should be opened using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. It may not open properly otherwise. In IE, right click on the link and choose "Save target as." In Firefox and Google Chrome choose "Save link as". You can download any other of the files in the folder in the same way.

Open the philMPSForm.pdf file. Because you will be entering information specific to you, you might want to "Save As" with a new name. Just change "phil" to your netID. So if you are, save the file as clever1MPSForm.pdf.


Fill in the form

You can check what courses you have taken on DARSweb

On the left side of the form use the dropdown boxes to select the Philosophy courses that you have taken or plan to take; credit hours will be entered automatically. When you need additional rows to enter courses, click the "Add Row" button. You can check the major requirements in the file (old or new) that you downloaded.  If you want to enter a transfer course, just type it in, and type in the hours. Nothing is written in stone. We can always change it later if you drop a course or add another.

On the right side of the form you will do one of three things:

  1. If you are pursuing two majors in "Option" write "Second Major in _____", and repeat "Second Major in _____" in a line below.
  2. If you are pursuing an official minor in "Option" write "Minor in _____", and repeat "Minor in _____" in some line below.
    • There is a form that you need to get approved in order to pursue an official minor. Here are details about minors and how to declare a minor.
  3. Otherwise you must fill in at least twelve hours of specific courses (200-level or above) that you and your advisor have agreed upon. In "Option" write "Intensive study in _____", and enter the specific course information in lines below.


Submit your completed form.

Once your form is completed, please visit and log in with your NetId and Active Directory password. If you do not know your Active Directory password, you may visit to reset it.

Once you have logged into the site, you may select the PDF form on your computer that you wish to submit by clicking on the "Browse" or "Choose File" button, then click on "Submit File". You will be given a submission identifier that you may save if you wish to refer to the file that you submitted.

I will automatically be notified that you have uploaded your form. If everything is OK, I will sign it, and submit it to LAS, with a copy to you.