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Robert Reimer

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Contact Information

400D Gregory Hall (starting in Spring 2024)
810 S. Wright St.
Urbana, IL 61801

Office Hours

Spring 2024, F 12:30-1:30
Graduate Student

Research Interests

Areas of Specialization 

  • Philosophy of Action
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Language

Areas of Competence

  • Philosophy of the Cognitive Sciences
  • Epistemology 
  • Ethics
  • The Vienna Circle (historical)
  • Metaphysics



B.A. Creative Writing, University of Leipzig (2015)

B.A. Philosophy, University of Leipzig (2015)

M.A. Philosophy, University of Leipzig (2017) 


Recent Publications

Borchers, R. & Reimer, R. (2023) “Der Staat als Moralproblem – Das Politische in Moritz Schlicks Kulturphilosophie.”

Reimer, R. (2023) “The Vienna Circle and its Critical Reception of Oswald Spengler.”

Reimer, R. (2023) “Karl Kraatz: Das Sein zur Sprache bringen. Die Formale Anzeige als Kern der Begriffs- und Bedeutungstheorie Martin Heideggers.“

Reimer, R. (2022) “What does it mean to inhibit an Action? A Critical Discussion of Benjamin Libet’s Veto in a Recent Study.”

Reimer, R. (2021) “Perceiving causality in action.”

Reimer R. (2021) “Against the Illusory Will Hypothesis. A Reinterpretation of the Test Results from Daniel Wegner and Thalia Wheatley’s I Spy Experiment.”