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James Ewing

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Contact Information

400B Gregory Hall
810 S Wright St
Urbana, IL 61801
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Graduate Fellow

Research Interests


Moral Theory

Social Metaphysics

Philosophy of Social Sciences

Research Description

My research is focused on giving metaphysical explanations of the social world, in particular social norms. One of the important questions I have been trying to answer is this: can social norms provide genuine reasons for action, and how are these reasons justified (compared to moral reasons, for example)? Additionally, I am examining how and why moral and social facts obtain. To this end, I have been interested in developing a broadly naturalistic account of what brings about value and obligation.


BA Philosophy, Butler University (2021)

Awards and Honors

Distinguished Graduate Fellow

Courses Taught

PHIL 100 Intro to Philosophy ACP, Teaching Assistant

PHIL 104 Intro to Ethics ACP, Teaching Assistant

Presented Work:

"Social Ontology and Social Criticism" 2022. Central States Philosophical Association.

"Social Norms and Social Reasons" 2023. Philosophy of Social Sciences Roundtable.

"Explaining Why the Grounding Relation Holds" 2023. Indiana/Kentucky (joint) Philosophical Association.

"Ethical Naturalism and Social Naturalism" 2023. International Social Ontology Society.

"Action and the Sweet Spot of Generality/Specificity" 2023. Illinois Philosophical Association.

"Social Norms and Social Reasons" 2024. Wisconsin Philosophical Association.