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Heidi M Hurd


Research Interests

Criminal Law; Environmental Ethics; Jurisprudence; Tort Law


J.D., Ph.D. University of Southern California
M.A. Dalhousie University
B.A. Queen’s University

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, College of Law
Professor, Philosophy
H. Ross and Helen Workman Chair, College of Law
Professor, Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
Professor, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Recent Publications

Hurd, H. M. (2023). Climate Change, Natural Aesthetics, and the Danger of Adapted Preferences. In G. Pellegrino, & M. Di Paola (Eds.), Handbook of the Philosophy of Climate Change Springer.

Hurd, H. M. (2023). Partnering with the Dead to Govern the Unborn: The Value of Precedent in Judicial Reasoning. In T. Endicott, H. Kristjansson, & S. Lewis (Eds.), Philosophical Foundations of Precedent (pp. 523-536). (Philosophical Foundations of Law). Oxford University Press.

Hurd, H. M., & Brubaker, R. E. (2023). The Retributivism Case Against Debtors' Prisons. In G. Fletcher (Ed.), Herbert Morris: UCLA Professor of Law and Philosophy : in commemoration (pp. 78-111). Mazo Publishers.

Hurd, H. M., & Moore, M. S. (2021). The Ethical Implications of Proportioning Punishment to Deontological Desert. Criminal Law and Philosophy, 15(3), 495-514.

Hurd, H. M. (2021). Will the Biden Administration Continue to Protect the Environment Only When It Is Profitable to Do So? University of Illinois Law Review Online.

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