Benjamin A Levinstein

Assistant Professor

Recent Publications

Levinstein, B.a. "Imprecise Epistemic Values and Imprecise Credences". Australasian Journal of Philosophy. 2019, 1-20.

Konek, Jason and Benjamin A Levinstein. "The Foundations of Epistemic Decision Theory". Mind. 2019, 128(509). 69-107.

Levinstein, Benjamin A. "An objection of varying importance to epistemic utility theory". Philosophical Studies. 2018.

Levinstein, Benjamin A. "A pragmatist’s guide to epistemic utility". Philosophy of Science. 2017, 84(4). 613-638.

Levinstein, B. A. "Accuracy Uncomposed: Against Calibrationism". Episteme. 2017, 14(1). 59-69.

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