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Benjamin A Levinstein

Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Recent Publications

Levinstein, B. A., & Herrmann, D. A. (Accepted/In press). Still no lie detector for language models: probing empirical and conceptual roadblocks. Philosophical Studies.

Ben-Moshe, N., Levinstein, B. A., & Livengood, J. (2023). Probability and informed consent. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, 44(6), 545-566.

Isaacs, Y., & Levinstein, B. A. (2023). Decision Theory without Luminosity. Mind, Article fzad037. Advance online publication.

Levinstein, B. A. (2023). Accuracy, Deference, and Chance. Philosophical Review, 132(1), 43-87.

Campbell-Moore, C., & Levinstein, B. A. (2021). Strict propriety is weak. Analysis (United Kingdom), 81(1), 8-13.

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