Career Paths in Philosophy

Business School

Are you considering a career in business? Did you know that Philosophy Majors outperform majors in economics, stats, finance, and accounting on the GMAT? "'Most people don't want to figure out what a company is worth,' Miller said. 'They want to know where the stock is going. We're always trying a Rubik's Cube approach, looking at something from all different directions. We want to know, 'What's the best description of what's going on?'." ["To Beat the Market, Hire a Philosopher", New York Times]

Graduate School

Are you considering Grad School next? Did you know that Philosophy majors average the highest score on the GRE? "A recent comprehensive study of college students' scores on major tests used for admissions to graduate and professional schools shows that students majoring in Philosophy received scores substantially higher than the average on each of the tests studied. Philosophy majors' scores on the verbal portion of the GRE were higher than in any other major, even English ; and although several science majors showed higher averages in the quantitative...

High Mid-Career Salaries

Did you know that Philosophy Majors have among the highest mid-career salaries of any non-STEM major? "Every year around graduation time we hear the reports of average starting salary of college graduates by major. This data is often used to discourage people from majoring in disciplines like philosophy. Now, however, has released data showing average mid-career salaries of college graduates by major. This data makes the philosophy major look like a much more prudential choice.'s current data on...

Law School

Are you considering Law School next? Did you know that Philosophy Majors consistently score higher on the LSAT than students in almost any other major? "Philosophy majors received higher scores on the LSAT than students in all other humanities areas, higher scores than all social and natural science majors except economics and mathematics, and higher scores than all applied majors. Moreover, the differences are in most cases substantial: for example, philosophy majors scored 10% better than political science majors on the...

Medical School

Are you considering Medical School next? Did you know that Philosophy majors consistently score very high on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and enjoy the highest acceptance rate to Medical School of any major? Acceptance Rate to Medical School Philosophy ....... 50% All majors ......... 37% Biology ............. 35% Chemistry ........ 39% Physics ............ 42% Biochemistry ... 43% English ............ 46% History ............ 49%